sounds very familiar, yes, I’m here to emphasize the importance of website analysis to the webmaster. Website analysis can help us find the problems of the website. Every website has its own weak points. How can we solve it if we don’t analyze it?. As the Internet matures, a new round of challenges is also increasing, especially in the user experience on the promotion of a substantial increase. Baidu also said that the future ranking factors will also consider the user experience, who has a good user experience, there are good articles content, who will be able to row in front. Through Baidu, we can learn how important it is to have a reasonable and effective website analysis.

why say that only learning website analysis is the webmaster’s kingly way? I’ll explain now. As a webmaster if all I only know to add content, the website promotion posted to the forum top posted, looks very busy, but in the high strength work situation, you know that you use the most effective means in which the flow which is not the most? Every day the work is useless or useful?? do you know that


when we push a product, will elaborate various promotion plan, there may be a QQ group of promotion, there may be SNS promotion, there may be a forum for the promotion and so on, or spending money on advertising in the famous website or forum. The effect is good, but do you know what the most useful money invested? Do SEO the most basic things you know what? That is to learn to look at the data, to analysis data, characteristic analysis and what time the spider was most frequently, what time is relatively low-key. Learn the data analysis there is also a good webmaster can help improve the existing problems in the website, if through the analysis we need to know to use the IE6 browser to more users, so we must ensure that in the IE6 browser to display the full. You can also analyze what users like to see in our website, how many pages you can open, how much time you browse, how fast you open your web pages, and these are the factors to consider. Another point is that you can analyze the Internet to that page directly to close the page, and we through which page can analyze the problem.

site analysis is very important, is a compulsory course for the webmaster, now many webmaster friends try to do the SEO, find a lot of keywords to fill into their own websites, but often overlook an important point, you have to analyse what you add keywords page has not been included, spiders are not often come to visit


one. Analyze the website

through tools

now has a lot of very specialized analysis tools that are good enough for all sites. The commonly used 51la statistics, Google good statistical tool Google Analytics, Baidu and Baidu statistics, the three statistical tools I use, I believe that many webmaster in use. The method of application is very simple, >