no nonsense, walk straight up. It’s so simple and rude!

1, lipstick effect

low price preference trends

the economic theory of lipstick effect first introduced during the Great Depression of the 1930s. This theory is because economists found that whenever the economic downturn, people’s consumption will turn to buy cheap goods, lipstick not the necessities of life, but both cheap and whitewash effect, to give consumers a psychological comfort. Under the economic crisis, consumer psychology and consumer behavior has changed, but also makes this kind of cheap cosmetics such as lipstick and cultural products have sold.

, like this glitter lipstick and lipstick effect,

, for example, consumption statistics released in 2015 the Japanese market research institutions, while other industries go cold, game industry in Nintendo and SONY PSP, but sales increase, which is a large part of the Christmas and New Year gifts among friends and relatives gifts. In addition, in many countries, the film market is hot when the economy is bad. These cases are typical of the lipstick effect.

2, lazy horse effect

is it easy to get lazy? Wrong! You are not far away from the

kicked the day

A and B Ma Ma together to pull the car, horse B lazy little to contribute, see the horse owner A he is able to pull the car, let the horse B stay at home doing odd jobs. A horse horse A do more work, eat or those forage; Ma B no longer work life, "treatment" are not reduced, the horse B feel very proud. It came to the end, the host family for the new year to entertain guests, the meat was found out, the master saw wandering horse B, killed it, become a delicious treat guests.

in the workplace, not with the times, no sense of crisis Ma B, please wake up, perhaps what became a drink, it is very embarrassing……

3, birdcage effect

people get

on the basis of accidentally getting something they didn’t need

unconsciously continues to add more stuff that he doesn’t need.

a man bought an empty cage at home, then after a period of time, he may use this to buy a bird cage and the cage will not keep back away, that is to say the man was cage for alienation, become a prisoner of the cage. The effect of the business has been used very skilled in the field of marketing, for example, at the time of birthday friend sent a picture for you, you need to have a picture frame for this painting, perhaps for this picture, but for a set of furniture to match. But in fact, maybe you don’t need a new set of furniture at all. (do you think it’s a IKEA?) The most effective business strategy for a closely related series of products