for the rapid development of the Internet era, website construction in many people’s eyes has become a technical low work. More and more websites have been pregnant, and most of them are downloaded through the network. The program can be changed at random, and then the domain name and space will be built. The user experience has been raised to a new level. Many large portals try to improve. They specialize in user experience departments to identify problems when users visit websites and make reasonable suggestions. And many sites in order to improve the amount of access and access to more advertising opportunities, regardless of user experience, using rogue means. The Internet has changed the world, the future development of more cannot do without the Internet, so the user experience of the website is very important to the development of the website, and a good reputation, please pay attention to the user experience, only fully consider the user experience to make the site go farther! Survey to users the author summed up the following most people hate the user experience:

1, the page opens a new window. Although many people like web pages to open new windows, but if you open every page is a new window, it will greatly affect the user experience. For example, from the home page click to see a picture, click to enter a new window after watching the first, turn the next page second is a new window, and so on, after reading a few pictures of the taskbar has arranged dense, quite Speechless. Not to mention an advertisement page that might pop up.

2, website floating ad. In recent years, a large number of browsers have developed the function of filtering floating ads, so it is rare. Most of the website in a few years ago, there is such a function, open the web page has a floating small square photo, full version of the mobile floating, some websites even a few such floating ads, hate extremely, completely left regardless of the user experience.

3, ad page pop-up. Now many browsers have filter pop-up advertising function, encountered such a situation, I suggest you use roaming browser. This pop-up ads page is generally in the first station will automatically pop up an advertising page, because before the Internet advertising display form a single, there are a few websites are still using such an advertisement display mode, very hate.

4, content over paging. That is, an article is automatically divided into several small pages by the program. After a period of time, one page is turned over, and some even a short paragraph, for the purpose of improving the PV. It is possible that one of these pages is just a few words or a sign, and I believe you have had the experience, too.

5, picture watermark everywhere. This one is original or copyrighted. Now, as long as through technical means, you can simply let the pictures in the article plus your site watermark, see the annoying. The principle of the Internet is to share, and this seriously affects the user experience the effect of pictures. There are even pictures of names or domain names for many websites.