the webmaster do not for a long time, here is only a novice, but I hope this paper can do is to want to do the movie station or a reference value, it is my own movie station wise remark of an experienced person.

09 years QVOD and GVOD movie station such as spring breeze, emergence of another batch of 300 thousand IP traffic movie station, when the movie station like a raging fire when I was exposed to MAXCMS and found a CMS, simple and convenient operation, a key acquisition to make the movie station in the bag like simple, I also started the movie Station Tour at this time. Of course, not what just beginning to make the movie station experience, from the Internet to find a lot of reading data and borrowed the SEO book to start learning to improve website traffic using SEO, because I am engaged in the development of WEB, CSS, so I quickly learn to use SEO movie station I brought a lot of money flow but, just beginning is hard, started to learn SEO put in their own film station are used to do the test, the results of the keyword has changed several times, my station search engine punishment, flow over the next few weeks unexpectedly on IP had no 100. SEO learning let me flow off, after the transformation of SEO and the modified template, so the flow of IP quickly rose to grow with each passing day, 7000 day, ranked first in Baidu GG and SOSO key customers. My movie station just started here improvement, unfortunately the Bureau began to prosecute a movie station, my movie station had to transfer to the United States VPS, the fatal disadvantage of slow speed access to let my customers flow fell to 2000IP/ days the poor, then realize the search engine is really key.

for the convenience of the user’s point of view, I am planning a long video movie station, after careful analysis of key words, choose the "theater play" as a new keyword (play cinema revision, prior to the accumulation of a large number of loyal users) beauty and done a lot of improvements in the template, processing the relevant content the link that movie content page keywords station to maintain proper density, and do link.

The new

will inevitably promote, in order to enhance the flow of me in many high weight free website promotion of these sites made key links, submitted to the search engine for the domain name, GG included, a day later included the home page, Baidu to two days, but the effect is obvious when, after the home page keyword row on the first page, the IP reached 1500IP, should be said to be successful quickly to enhance the flow of the.

nonsense do not say more, sum up, film new station traffic upgrade points:

1. to the weight of high standing (such as standing online) as the keyword link, submit the domain name to the search engine.

2. movie station to the movie content pages related to the movies listed in the next, and maintain a proper keyword density, with reference to my customers: broken station.