wrong thinking: and so big, and think about how to make money, because the three major portals, Baidu and other well-known websites have come this way,


have you ever thought about these questions:


1, and the successful website at the same time take the same way down website how many


2, is the Internet environment the same as the Internet environment 10 years ago,


3, the success rate of this operation model,


is very low and will be more and more low!!!! Marx program movie website (cns2008.com), of course, can not be successful, because now with the Marx program make the movie station too much, Baidu wants to K K, how can you do this, can have a future, I give you a reminder that time changed it, ask everyone to know the answer


remember this principle:

, A, high risk doesn’t necessarily have high returns,

B, if you want a low-risk operation, a website that can really make money for you, be sure to think about how to make money, and then do it again,

two, profit model is too complex,

1, the more links a project has, the more dangerous it is, because as long as one of the links is not done, it may fail,.

2, the more complex the profit model, the more difficult it is for your users and customers to understand, and that it will be difficult for both users and customers to look at them.

3, currently those who put their own profit model on the website of the "mess up" project, most of them are deceptive.

, remember these 2 principles:

The simpler the

, A, and website profit models, the easier it will be to succeed,

, B, what all want to do, often is what can’t do well, concentrate on doing a small field, it is easy to do the industry top!


three, not using internet marketing,

The core of

business is marketing,

The core of

e-commerce is network marketing,

wants to make money on the Internet, you have to understand the Internet marketing!


many companies do not make money, because they do not understand network marketing, network marketing is not good enough,


four, what’s hot, what,


popular concept website has the following characteristics:

1, speculation of fire,

2, the competition is fierce,

popular concept website is destined to be more difficult to succeed!

, for example, this year’s Web2.0 wind concept website: blog, video, classification and so on

remember, here’s the rule: