" is a hot topic recently, she made many rely on advertising alliance to make money the owners have a new way and click Wangzhuan, earn money faster and more recently by the author; Taobao, Ali mother soft effect, also confidently joined Taobao off of the army. In a circle around the Mom Forum, understand the promotion mode, finally chose to do Taobao off to the station, and the station is not my forte, but the extension of the other way I will do; so, my guest to Taobao as the theme of the website that launched.

first test is bad, almost sell station

line on the site has not been Baidu love, soon to be awarded the "Baidu of the oldest in the history of Baidu snapshot" (in the A5 posts are, we can look at the domain name), before is not used, thus for unknown reasons, at least that Baidu does not love my station. In the next month, the collection of the site, traffic has not increased, resulting directly in the amount of the book is zero, so white busy for a month. Because there is no income power under the thought of selling station in A5, send a stick to his stand to sell out, because the price is too high (their own children, the sale,) nobody wants, it has been until now.

learning SEO,

came to light

because there is no station, experience and knowledge to promote, let yourself be a waste of time and energy for a month, but not a penny, I think is really hateful, so determined to get promotion, website, SEO and other aspects of knowledge, decided to change the current situation, at least change the book to zero the situation.

analysis: because the site is using API to build the site, and there are a lot of such stations on the Internet, the content is too similar, which is the main reason for not included much.

action: API call out data for each station are the same, how can we let it show and other stations are not the same? Then the content page title, description of goods, goods reformulated goods increase business promotional information; there are ten categories of goods ordering mode, select a good "according to the total expenditure of commission from high to low ranking" as the default home page; through the acquisition of product information updated daily way.

(related content: API (Application Programming Interface, application programming interface); Taobao passenger API is a common external interface cooperation Ali mother cat guest system, website without database can have tens of thousands of commodity information.

analysis: the chain less, low weight, which is the main reason for less traffic.

action: a web site where people rarely visit, and I don’t think the search engines are going to go on a regular basis. Of course, the collection of sites is not good. In order to increase the chain, and set yourself a month post plan >