web site also has life, as in nature, it also has metabolism. A "live" site, and users can maintain communication and interaction, and a "dead" site, can only occasionally become everyone’s ornamental. A station is what can be called "live"? How to make your site "live", today want to borrow this article on the horizon.

, a site "The new supersedes the old." content if not updated for a long time, often make people feel the webmaster does not exist, the entire site is not active atmosphere, for a very simple example, I often go to some information, download site, I love to see his "today update" marked the time content use a different color, which shows that he has recently updated, I very love for my love in a lot of content updates. I believe many users and I have the same habit. So a little summary, a site needs a site regularly or irregularly on their websites for updates, of course, have the effect of The new supersedes the old. also need our webmaster, delete the site expired, the contents of honor. Only then does your website seem to be counted or?.

site "live", in different ways, depending on your site type and size, small small live, large large living law, individual owners let their site survive can adopt some means:

1, daily update content on the site which is the most basic, a website if long-term not update, will lose a lot of repeat users, a continuously updated site are eligible to become a good site;

2, open interaction plate, such as message, forum, home call their information, this is one of the best ways, a certain popularity of the site can use dynamic call message information, although some owners of the home page to update, but the community post call will make the website overall survival;

3, advertising updates, advertising is best not updated regularly, if the content is not updated, styles, etc., it is best not to do some changes periodically;

4, festival atmosphere, whenever different festivals, you can make some adjustments to the site, such as new year thirty, you can change part of the background of the site into red, or to produce a festival related logo;

5, list your site outstanding members, recommended users, you can update some of the outstanding members and recommended users, this can also call the forum information;


method is relatively simple and allows the site to "live up" method, of course, "the site live" a lot, mainly need our webmaster have the patience, perseverance, unremittingly efforts, there will be a great harvest.

(original article, reprinted with notes: lonely Tianya)