1. Take full advantage of Baidu

1, submit your website to Baidu search engine. Not only submit your home page, submit your web page.

takes my website "China 8U" as an example: submit the homepage and submit the product page, and submit fifty pages at a time. There is no time to submit the most critical pages. Such as home page, octopus host, octopus, virtual host and so on.

2, the establishment of China’s 8U website Baidu paste bar, Baidu know, upload Baidu pictures and so on.

builds Baidu post bar and Baidu, when knowing, beware of appearing too much website link and advertisement expression. In general, it’s better not to have a web link when you start building it. Baidu knows, questions and answers need strategy. These two Baidu are manual editors.

3 and Baidu news include some news about their websites published by some well-known websites. The station owner can entrust some other companies to publish relevant news. You can also reprint some of the hot articles, and sign your station name, you can appear in the Baidu news search page.

4, Baidu pictures

Baidu pictures will include some pictures of the website. When the site reaches a certain amount of traffic, you can add pictures on the web page.

5, Baidu Encyclopedia

an encyclopedia for building your own site. When setting up Baidu encyclopedia, pay attention to objective language, and do not appear the most like words. Many editors, the final completion of fruit.

6, the establishment of the site of the Baidu knowledge hall

Baidu knows the problem to reach five, you can create your own site Baidu knowledge hall. Make full use of Baidu search tools, you can effectively improve the site rankings.

two, an editor, takes advantage of the time and discipline Baidu updates its website

More than 90% of

‘s Baidu site has a big update at 1-4 a.m. on Wednesday morning. The remaining 10% will be updated on Thursday. The update is the content of the previous week. And newer articles are mainly original articles. The best thing to do is to update the website once every hour when you start SEO. 100 net ranking in the 9 – day update every morning at 11 points, and 2 points – afternoon 5 points, generally use the manual update mode. According to the above characteristics, we will be targeted when we update our website.

three, Baidu is now opening new systems, we should pay more attention to Baidu.