a few days ago I released the "local portal information station early development and propaganda experience" address: http://s.admin5.com/article/20080812/98634.shtml. 

follows the quote:

         ;     one stage is collecting information; stage    

The first phase of

  information collection stage of the first step is to send business at the same time to investigate, propaganda merchants with their single name card. To please the people design a set, want to have an overall effect, is not a name card like a single website promotion way, form a look. Here is my business publicity a single picture. You can refer to.


 : "I’m on the website. I’m collecting the business information for free. Here’s a form. Please fill out this form.". After filling in, our company will release your store information to our website. So that others can see you store information on the website, if he happens to have the necessary, he will and you leave the contact and address to you, to bring you a simple business ".

            in fact, it is not only a summary. Is one of my personal experience, because I was in the station built. Now still remain in the stage of collecting business information. Tomorrow I will also go to start formal collection, please. Some people.

, after I posted the information, a friend mentioned, "the main thing is…". When you collect the information yourself. Wait until it’s rich. The local personal website is up again. Ha-ha。 They will collect your content. Ha-ha。 If you come across a professional team to collect your content. Did you do just don’t give a scapegoat."

one point: I am a county-level city, the city is not small, if there is already such a portal, the local station