before the beginning of the article we make such a hypothesis: a basket of apples and an apple tree, the tree is not the result, choose one of the two, what would you choose? Apple or apple tree? Life, we do not directly facing Apple or apple tree, but a similar situation but It is often seen. in other words, that is, the immediate interests and long-term interests of the


many grassroots webmaster bubble BBS, irrigation relax, purpose is one, more important or promotion, send URL link. The most direct and the most Limited is to leave a web site, but it is not only easy to be deleted by the forum moderator, but also difficult to be broadcast by other members. So many people began to study soft Wen, advertising information cleverly added to the article, write well, not only without advertising suspicion, but also very easy to spread, to the website to flow and anti chain is relatively long-term. For example, in a Admin5 BBS post, "I don’t want you in the rain, afraid you sick", in fact, is a IDC company’s soft text, but the effect is good, be read and click quantity is very high. We can study and study.

said, "back to the promotion of links", because the link is easily removed by the moderator, so many people think of personal signature position, signature position is also very good web site display. Recently A5 forum personal signature position by the administrator is reduced, causing a lot of dissatisfaction with the owners, so the author analysis the advantages and disadvantages of graph king "why would reduce the signature, the signature graph king location, AD, the hair of the chain compared to apple, the chain can directly bring limited harvest, increase the chain site and included, but the effect is limited, because Apple will finally be finished. The purpose of the A5 forum is to expect members to harvest apple trees here and to absorb valuable information in the forums, because the value of information is priceless, and it is wiser to turn information into revenue. Therefore, to reduce the signature position, let us not only see the limited role of signature, but also hope to dig more value from the information itself. Of course, this is from a higher level of consideration, and many members may not see it because the ready-made apple is more alluring.

, we often face the choice of apple or apple trees, apple is a direct harvest, no need to operate and wait for maturity. A basket of apples will rest on its laurels, and apple trees, although the long process need to wait for fruit, but each year will usher in the harvest season. When it comes to short-term gains, it is tempting, but without continuity, there is always an end. As it has now been stressed, "sustainable development", we can not use all of our resources at once, we should consider for future generations. The advertisement income of the website is very direct, short-term gains, but not one N many ads, because users may lead to resentment, if the loss of users, talk about how sustainable? We think the A5 forum is a good place to send the chain, if all the hair of the chain, the total weight of the day of the forum will be reduced, we will lose a place to send the chain. For the sake of your website, in order to send out the chain, don’t forget the sustainable development, and cultivate the apple trees to form a virtuous circle