do network promotion so long, has little experience writing blog articles, partial diary type, the first is I think I was not mature enough, second is I have been in the dark, always feel every kind of promotion is very simple, but want to do it, to make it perfected is not easy things, when you do one day more than 1000 of the traffic, you want to do one day 3000IP, you get to this point, you would like to be able do 10000IP how cool day, endless mirror, never have learning progress in space, so, even if I wrote this this also is only just touched the edge, can only be regarded as personal experience, after reading, also need to continue to try more likely.

, let’s talk to you first. How did I realize this method was useful in the first place?.

when I started to do network promotion, often to see others experience many articles, write me this title, I think everyone is flattering, but after seeing what did not feel, feel distant, impossible, or is the author since beginning to oneself, one day do 10000IP, 100IP can do for me, thank you.

until a thing completely changed my view, there is a customer to buy a whole to host me, less than two weeks, he said to me in the QQ space, the problem, the site open, I feel very puzzled, because if the server problems, I the mobile phone will automatically remind the message, I would say to help you look, I see, he is the original space flow out (some would say, you are not limited to the flow of space, this issue, said here all know knowledgeable host is limited to traffic flow limit is good or not good) I asked him, I said, how to use the space you flow so fast, I feel very surprised, a new, all of a sudden a month traffic all out. I asked him not to do download station, he did not say, to me, is the blog only, no way, I asked him, how much a day do you blog IP, he said thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, I was a grinding, if your blog to such a high IP, early celebrity and he is a novice, I helped to build up a blog, he was not willing to say what it is, then I will give him free plus some traffic, the blog opened, read his blog, it is about the "little moon" article, and then click on the amount very high, but very few comments, basically no, I did not know that the "little moon" who, I just do not feel normal, I think, will not flow is his own brush, I don’t believe in him, I repeatedly asked, finally tell the reason, He said his blog IP is from the "little moon" this keyword, I put all his blog a times, is all about the "little moon", the other one is not, with sensitive estimates of what he said is true, then he put the traffic statistics to I can see him, IP source, looked after, there is no reason not to believe. "