a good article can bring many rewards for the website or company: flow, users, advertising revenue, product orders, brand awareness, corporate reputation and so on, these costs relative to the cost of writing, are undoubtedly the value in return! This also explains why the received in the current from the webmaster to soft the electronic commerce company’s consistent attention and praise, to write good soft Wen has increasingly become an important skill! A5 as a webmaster leader, is to continue to encourage the creation of excellent soft Wen webmaster ability, more common to provide first-class platform for the use of soft release with high weight, high traffic high, influential portals and forums to enhance learning and training opportunities to enhance the writing skills of the webmaster.

through the years the station, on the soft from the initial loss gradually become Qingjushulu, can be in a relatively short period of time in accordance with the expected purpose to write a quality: let the reader to read, read after the harvest, in the process of the reader in the promotion of the specific information, so that more active web media reprint, willing to reprint, can do this, then I believe that such soft have to be excellent and successful soft. According to the recent years writing soft exploration and accumulation of experience, in my opinion, to achieve excellent soft needs from the following eight aspects so as to accumulate, accumulate steadily.

, one can’t make bricks without straw, in the practice of the master and the accumulation of material

is really good and successful soft, must be in the premise of satisfying reader reading something, at the same time the successful marketing of specific information to the promotion, which requires the author to be sure, to want to create topics have enough material to allow you to play, in order to ensure writing things out with real flesh and blood, let after reading, readers can play the role of learning and enlightenment. The material accumulation of practice from the owners, to do site and in the life of the people, take the initiative to find and solve problems in the process of doing stand, thus increasing the skills, these are able to use it later in the creation of the "real" soft, after the accumulation, to accumulate steadily.

two, creativity is the key to success, let soft text flashing wisdom light,

for everyone has asked you to write for having heard it many times topic, how to write more vivid, can arouse the reader more interested, let them be happy to read it and feel the author’s intention and wisdom, which requires the use of creative methods in the soft text creation, on some topic let you talk about a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Do you want to talk about a new. Specifically, the webmaster can try from various angles in writing, especially they pay less attention to the perspective to observe and analyze problems, thus writing things out so that everyone can find everything fresh and new more.

three, take the soft text of the architecture, so that writing more relaxed, clear and efficient

in the specific writing process, to make soft writing more