I think the webmaster do will look at their website station of empathy in the visitor’s point of view, if I were the first base station visitors to browse this page, see a picture, when the same position on another page shows the same picture, some visitors may be rather baffling, this website the station head broken


put a piece of and theme of the site does not take the edge picture here? Experience will fall, if he still love in our station content, he again came to the base station or the same picture pattern position he should perhaps impatient, do not see a novel and website point collocation. I think the click charging just can make up for this, let the website more fully display.

also assumes that the company’s product is on the carrier’s behalf, and that it will not yield any results and benefits when the operator is operating normally. He may consider another company’s product.

if the answer is always unsatisfactory, some may rely on the website webmaster meal may abuse and immediately replace alliance, told his other webmaster friends mom can do attitude too let down.

but when appropriate advice questions, customer service carefully for webmasters to actively solve the problem even if the webmaster will certainly appreciate the mind, to the satisfaction of all, if a friend asked what do Union are good points, the owners will immediately tell Ali mother this alliance is very good, I think mom will surely do it.

before the Ali Mama advertising advertising will open as long as a click, and GG, and GG more than one can buy from advertising, very good, and now why to choose on the site inside the