Internet QQ pop-up message said "prosecutors unified national telephone hotlines 12309 today in the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the provincial procuratorate formally put into use" the news, just saw on ADMIN5.COM, "the Supreme Procuratorate report website was once the" explosion "of this article, I realized that this is not the phone the opening of the opening of the website or those who do not have real meaning of social corruption, or that there is no real help to people. These are involved in political issues, we will not be discussed here, we do not have a talk about the webmaster, as a webmaster we talk about this website promotion thing, why a new web site in a short period of rapid accumulation of such a powerful flow, so that the site was once the "explosion" paralysis, the specific flow can be "explosive" two times to try to figure out what ah. And why does your website delay those poor IP?.

put aside some negative aspects, such as technology of server website construction problems, or for some attacks on the side not to talk about it, from the website itself and promotion perspective, the first website with official nature, resources are unique, not copied. Second, the intensity of promotion. This message I learned from the news of QQ popups, this is the way to promote. Third, the value of the site itself, the user, Internet users, that is, visitors have a certain demand and appeal, that is, to bring internet users to what they need. Heartbreak, the three point is that today’s new site is "point explosion" key, but also as a successful website can not be sure of the factors, the following from the three points of specific analysis.

: a unique website resources and can not be copied, "12309" and that the ordinary creative website, official website itself will not provide the service can not be copied, that have the ability to copy the service station. This is also our many webmaster weakness, which stationmaster dares to stand up and say my site provides resources and services are unique and original or not easy to be copied and collected, saying the world network a copy, you don’t go but can not avoid the acquisition by others collection and copy. So the uniqueness of a website is hard to do.

two: website promotion efforts, this often your website is how to promote it, flow and how come, by search, by Baidu, by optimization. By soft text by link

… But… These, due to the first point to your site constraints that rely on word-of-mouth mode is not suitable for you, so your promotion can only stay the search stage, and this site is how to promote it. By QQ pop, I believe most people can receive such a message, hundreds of millions of QQ users is horrible, then of course if your website is just a very ordinary cannot ordinary website, even if QQ give you play, it is difficult to keep to the user, such as the http>