lead: in color and gender surveys, 35% of women said blue was their favorite color, and men did not like purple, orange and brown. You can use different colors to attract target users and increase conversion rates.

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6. orange is an interesting color that can cause rush or impulse feeling.

The positive side of

orange is that it can be used as an "interesting" color. For some people, orange helps motivate people to engage in physical exercise, play, and make people more confident." This may be the reason why orange is widely used by sports teams and manufacturers of children’s products.

, you should be no stranger to this logo:

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, this is another orange team:

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in fact, there are many sports teams, with orange in for example: University of Florida gators, Clemson University tigers, Boise State Broncos, Syracuse team, Nicks New York team, the New York Mets, Diego lightning team etc..

Amazon uses orange in their time limit. The color gives a sense of urgency, which makes the information more compelling and more operational.


This It stands to reason.

. Orange means active. Orange stands for fun. Orange symbolizes intimacy. Because it’s a bright and warm color. However, the orange elements in the site can be more appropriate. An article published in Psych.Answers.com suggests: "you can use orange to divert attention, but don’t try to avoid covering up the actual information."."

sometimes, orange is interpreted as synonymous with "cheap". (compared to black which is considered luxurious. See below for details. Forbes magazine once mentioned the problem in an article entitled "influence of color on product sales". "Does orange mean cheap?" the resounding answer is "yes."". Orange is probably a good choice if your product is positioned at par or if you want them to look like this. Big Lots is like this.

7. black gives a sense of luxury and value.

our in-house color psychologists say the darker the shades, the stronger the sense of luxury. An article from Lifescript describes black as "elegance, refinement, power", which is what luxury designers and high-end e-commerce websites want users to feel. The article further treats black as "timeless, classic" as a representation of color, further explaining why high value products choose black.