experience, do webmaster feeling also has more than a month, really, and I did not imagine the fun. As for why to run a website, in fact, was definitely interested. Now that I’m here, I’d like to sum up my feelings about doing this for a while.

the first feeling is tired, bother to bother. When you want to do, the most trouble is to rent a server, I do not know the good, afraid of being cheated. However, I still have a good life, to find two net friends, people are very real, rented a regular company together, although the price is more expensive, but it does save a lot of things, service is good. Of course, the premise is that everyone honesttreatment, what things are on the table, even sometimes feel that some requirements could be too much, but as long as you have come, always can solve. Server is the foundation of the website, the server is ready, in order to ensure the development of the site. The server is looking for the right website system. It was a real loss to begin with. In the beginning, search on the Internet, find two programs to do the download station, one is the Empire, the other does not say, use * * *. At the beginning, I was hesitant to see some people on the Internet saying that * * * is a special download, not like the Empire, and CMS, too. I think it is, I think it is definitely professional. The result of using the * * *, but who knows that this company is also irresponsible, and launched an upgraded version of the test did not put it out, saying that there are loopholes in the old system, must upgrade new, a listen to timid, and hastened to upgrade. After the upgrade, the nightmare began, and all sorts of mistakes followed, and I was badly battered. On the company forum for help, no one at all, but also, the forum also issued ten posts a day, and moderators also posted a public look down on the free version, saying that if you want to get help, buy a commercial version of the go. Not a look, hurriedly replaced the Empire, this is not the day and a system called Jin, but was delayed more than 20 days, so I hope to do a new station to look at, do not blindly, otherwise really delay things. (affirm: I am not imperial AD, the procedure is good, also don’t need the whole world to go to AD.


second feels difficult. The site is finally ready, but the biggest headache is promotion. First of all, the search engine included problems. A lot of people began to A5 provide the so-called secret, feel the new station if Baidu and GG should be included is a very difficult thing, so it is well prepared to fight a protracted war. The site submitted to Baidu, GG and YAHOO in April 19th night, then do every day is updated, because do not understand SEO, so I didn’t go to do optimization in this area, but actually wrote, and there is no rush to add advertising. A few days later a little busy, always did not see, April 22nd has been found by the Baidu and GG included the home page, feel very happy, that may not need too much fancy skills, as long as you do, will be rewarded. In addition, there is no time to post propaganda everywhere, just to a few forums and websites on their own, made a few posts, so far there is basically no traffic >!