wants his website to be visited by everyone. This is what every stationmaster wants to do. At present, the best way is through Baidu, Google, YAHOO and other search engines included in their web site, so that their website traffic increases, has never been home visits to promote.

as a grassroots webmaster, before doing web site, you should determine the direction of your site, that is, what kind of Web site?. It’s important, no definite direction. Even if the road goes no longer, it is useless.

second, positioning the site type, it is necessary to add articles, I recommend you start with manual input, and do not require all original, 10 articles, there are 1, it has been very good. Basically, you can find classic articles from some excellent websites, such as admin5.com

third, promotion. Here I share my experience. A new station just ready, certainly no traffic, in addition to their own flow every day, almost no foreign IP. Here I will say the method, the most simple and most convenient is to BBS trading website link exchange place, post post. For example, in bbs.admin5.com issued a post, title to bring people in the article into their website, signature is also the same, every day in some big BBS post, you can keep around IP30-50 every day around

fourth, soft text. This job is very difficult. 1., not everyone can write it and it will be used by the website. 2, some webmaster are amateurs, there is no such long and short, specialized writing soft text. So I also want to introduce their own methods, the best way is to Baidu, Sina or other places to open a BLOG, have time to write down their feelings occasionally. Of course, the webmaster is to write something to do in the process of doubt what. Add a link to your website in the article.

through the above several methods. And always insist on. Half a month or so, Baidu, Google will be wantonly included in you, if the original degree of high, Baidu spider will patronize every day.

himself is a grass root webmaster. After a period of summary, send a small article

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