advertising and website is inseparable, web site to make money, advertising is inevitable, but advertising is very many, only reasonable advertising to maximize revenue website, we mainly explore the choice of advertising for traffic road.

for the site to bring traffic in many ways, such as: engine, chain link, propaganda and independent input and so on, the engine and the input flow is independent of the highest quality, most likely to bring benefits for web site advertising, so we mainly discuss the engine and independent input flow on different advertisements so that make a web site to obtain the maximum benefit.

1, engine traffic: if your site depends mainly on the engine to bring traffic, then your site can be said to be a high-risk sites, because once the engine changes, your website is likely to suffer a fatal blow, but from the engine of IP is the highest quality, most likely for the web site to return, because from then the users of your site and most of them are the first to visit your web site, the content of your website is a new content for users, will enhance the user’s click advertising is desire. At this point, you can post fixed ads on your website.

what is the fixed advertising? Is the advertising board text will not change with time or fixed users, only show one or several forms of advertising, such advertising is mainly registered or consumer, is characterized by the effect of charging, low conversion rate, but divided into high income, for new users of the site more features this kind of advertising, will receive good results.

, 2 independent input: if your web traffic mainly from independent input, that your site is very good, users are very loyal, but this kind of website is not easy to generate revenue, because the user is familiar, content and ads on your network are very familiar with, unless on an advertising is very interested in, or not again visitors have to click ads on your site, so for this type of traffic to the website, you should put on the non fixed advertising.

what is a non fixed advertisement? That is, billboards or text ads will change at any moment, giving users a new touch and prompting the user’s desire to click. This type of advertising is mainly click class, as long as click on the billing, high conversion rate, but click on revenue is low, for the vast majority of sites for the characteristics of old users, such advertising is the best choice.

in fact, there are many clever advertising investment, in addition to this time for the flow of the road, there are even different pages for different types of advertising should be launched, the next opportunity to explore. (text /