Hello, I am Yongxing life net webmaster childe beautiful, share with you today 2013 years operating experience sharing portal at the county level, directly below I said some of the more important, I hope to help you.

the most direct and effective way to promote:

1, QQ group propaganda, you need to lock the QQ group to add, in places like the QQ group is most active in the QQ group for these parts, making friends, movie tickets, volunteer volunteers, business groups, as a webmaster also quickly set up their own website QQ group, many people add a group to send advertising that will lead to Group executives have directly T off, as long-term development can not be one-time advertising, first from the quality of advertising, such as local news as a breakthrough and in connection with, the probability of such T is very low, slowly mix occasionally under the mandatory advertising, as much as we can and QQ group main group management there lay a good relationship. It’s local people who don’t see each other and bow their heads. Everyone will understand. (insert a small story: once I ask two main drink, their hands have several groups, even when the site started, one group said that I was too young and so on, you know, wine, later did not give me another group, and I became good friends


2, to strengthen contact and cooperation with local volunteer volunteer groups, the main members of the volunteer group are mostly local elites, and members of all walks of life are of high quality in all walks of life. They will have related public service activities at regular intervals. At this point, as webmaster, we can volunteer to report and update the source at the same time. And they can organize volunteer stories and other network essay activities, improve the amount of contributions, while publicity volunteers deeds, in one fell swoop. In this regard, I am also deeply affected. In 2013, our 4th anniversary Volunteers Association, president invited me to attend the event as a co organizer. (graph)

3, and local businesses to strengthen cooperation, business is our direct customer, no matter what we connect with it, some new and old businesses advertising we have obligations to help them by the end of 2013 and our local publicity, a newly opened decoration company jointly held the first meeting of friends these are, in the group after the organization, because of the proximity of the new year, registration number reached more than 30 people, nearly 20 people to walk later. (graph)

4, by the end of 2013, the website also won the first batch of network security issued by the county network security record number. Greatly enhanced the credibility of the site.


in fact, there are many ways of publicity, such as our county bar, I am small bar, only to do, in order to experience and deal with it. 2013 is the use of work after the operation, the daily updates to wait for work, to participate in obtaining a vacation to go, this year I have persevered. Because the website is a kind of accumulation, and I can’t get up at the moment, I am ready for the protracted war, and I will be in 2014 too