from 09 years to do the first web site to the present, 5 years later, the big and small stations do not less than 30. In 2010, contact SEO, and now optimize more than 50 sites, and then SEO or tall on the technical activities, some market sense of touch sensitive so-called master, have held SEO training, earn money want to make money. Not every day is Sunday, SEO training market all kinds of scams abuse uneven in quality, touched Baidu nerve, so K station has become the inevitable upgrade algorithm. In June 2012, the SEO world was no less shocked than Dongguan’s earlier anti vice. The webmaster is a mess and whining, watershed SEO circles appeared.

after this, SEO is still hot, but you will find that Baidu has not included the normal ranking to subtle, become the norm. Some of the so-called master since June 2012 after the collective aphonia, there are few people will share the experience of search engine optimization, perhaps, is really a gun fight bird, you still choose muffled fortune, but I still dare to share some of their own to do optimization in recent years in dry cargo.

first of all, I haven’t received any so-called SEO training by anyone, because I think my self-study ability is ok. Actual ZAC password is my only self-study materials, five hundred or six hundred page book I read three times, the first time is fast reading, second savor, third times in 2012 a large-scale K station after a period of time through the blank. Every time I see it, I have a different harvest. Good book + chewing and reflection is probably the most effective way to improve it. Three to the customer to do the site in 2012, a month of keywords ranking, and 2 years later, the keyword ranking is still strong in the major search engines in the top five, what is the specific station no say in this, no promotion of suspicion. Among them, the following three points is that I think the majority of the network is now engaged in optimizing the promotion of peer must take a good look at:

first, the countryside surrounds the city,


said here is the relationship between the main keywords and long tail keywords, we all know that the "long tail theory", have seen the long tail theory, characteristics of the long tail word is a single search volume and number, less than the main keywords precision. This determines that money and power is not very strong team must take rural areas surrounding the city line, in the optimization of the rankings by brainstorming will find the long tail keywords, then each with a long tail word of the original article, the chain weight high; when a certain long tail word the ranking of the time, then slowly links with long tail words and highly competitive keyword match to rural areas surrounding the city; there, the original article is the most difficult thing for many people, in fact, as long as the opening is easy to write, a simple sentence is: you have to stand by you the user or visitor’s point of view to think, and then stand on your point of view to write how to answer these questions;