today’s Internet although less than ten years ago as the "gold", but still full of opportunity and temptation, this from venture capital influx to the Internet companies, like the group purchase site is constantly attracting heavy investment funds can be confirmed PK. It is in this context, the current Internet business trend has emerged as a new feature, staking type competition by increasing capital investment, has gradually become a norm. This kind of state not only exists between buy Group website, still exist in the Internet, software, small tools and other Internet start-ups.

as the saying goes, "when misfortune comes, fortune depends on him; fortune brings misfortune."." In the seemingly beautiful "staking" type of competition after the use of funds, the market occupation efficiency is not necessarily behind the inevitable victory. In the course of China’s Internet development, many entrepreneurs experienced the tragic situation of opening scenery and miserable ending. Investigate its reason, just talk about scale, do not speak details, ignore the user experience, most likely to cause the "sudden death" of entrepreneurs".

The lesson of

history has not gone far yet – BLOGCN’s fall,

a few years ago began playing online friends would have a blog of my own, and the earliest blog operators is BLOGCN this meaning of "pioneer China blog", first introduced the concept of the BLOG to Chinese. After a period of operation, by virtue of the new platform, push cooperation with excellent article by Sina, entered the fast track of development, followed by the continuous harvest of venture capital investment in a pen and a pencil, looking forward to with the help of this has been in the market to occupy the absolute advantage. Blog operators to bring huge returns for venture capital. However, in a staking style behind the rapid expansion, but he could not hide China blog regularly once the server is not stable, so that users can not enjoy a normal lasting experience for the later "scenery decline" foreshadowed. Then, seeing the blog concept more and more fire, have a huge amount of users of sina and Sohu have joined the ranks of the competition, "only by virtue of domestic trouble and foreign invasion", a single blog content to support BLOGCN is overwhelming, the final blog by Sina to grab the limelight. At the same time, the user experience is still not resolved, led to the loss of customers is becoming more and more rapidly, eventually led to this blog pioneer but had come to a "sudden death", "awake" for others to do the fate of venture capital investment is ultimately a boondoggle, nothing less than a profound lesson. The case of BLOGCN has become a profound reason for the Internet business to grow rapidly, ignore the user experience, and ultimately fail to last long and succeed.

history is always strikingly similar – the hidden dangers behind the "staking" expansion are flashing

to a few years later today, the Internet business increasingly pay attention to the role of capital, venture capital is more active in the Internet arena. But what you are doing is >