QQ station, a lot of people say, do QQ station easy to flow, because search volume is high, user base is big. Because of this, the number of QQ sites is very alarming, I just Baidu a bit, search results reached more than 98500000, you can see the severity of competition.

I want to

recently from the QQ site of a share, so at the beginning of the registered www.qqcf8.cn domain name, QQ made a special stand, the establishment of the tortuous process is not to say, I want to say is that we as a small webmaster, from tens of thousands of QQ station sudden Wai, was part of the income from.

I think the main needs are as follows:

1, think of ways to let Baidu included (not optimistic about GG, because I’m a station of traditional Chinese characters this keyword, Baidu and GG are ranked home fifth, Baidu has more than 3000 IP every day, but GG every day to less than 300). Different opinions, submitted to search engines and so on, I do not say more, we can look at the station inside the article, I want to say is how do I do?.

a, because I have 2 other stations, but the direct link and there is a certain risk, to say that I am in the process of increasing, leading a part of a link from the related key words in the article in the past, of course, keyword selection is very important, and must match the content of the railway station.

B, registered Baidu space, Sina blog, etc., the creation of some soft text, of course, the same principle, the soft words in the keyword choice is equally important.

C, go to Baidu Post Bar appropriately send some posts, please pay attention to the proper two words, hair more will cause Baidu resentment, for your new station is not good, be careful of Baidu think factor.

, D, of course, there are major forums, irrigation, QQ news, mass, etc. I will not say, because I do not like this individual that inefficient approach.

, e, of course, personally believe that the most effective way is to some soft Wen, Wang Da brother, but this aspect of the originator, of course, this is to take time and effort, but I still think it is worth it.

2, do more than a few steps, just can solve the problem of Baidu included, to win so that you have a good site keywords ranking, so what is the next thing to do promotion, optimization, link?.

also has the following methods for reference:

a, adhere to the updated, updated content, as far as possible original, even if not original, you have to get rid of at least 25% or more, so that Baidu think you are original.

B, conditional words, and your key words close to the Baidu encyclopedia add some information, and then leave your website links, according to my observation, Wikipedia links weight is relatively high

C, Baidu know as little as possible to avoid, do some things to answer, the more dangerous