] the complete round of financing within a year; in both Baidu, Tencent, millet; across from the trading platform to the service platform all ahead started a qianyiji vehicle service market card battle. 4 months ago, Li Jian had a complete story about the idea of everyone in the geek park’s upcoming headlines.

editor’s note: held in the next 4 months before the first headline event, all car CEO Li Jian as a representative of the traditional industry showstopper tells everyone about their car process planning: closed car, car and customer service. Subsequently, within 1 months, the rapid completion of the C round of financing, and officially announced today, became the headlines in the media.

this morning everyone car announced the completion of $85 million C round of financing, valuation of more than $500 million, this round of financing by the Tencent strategic investment led, this round of financing has been completed as early as the end of April. In addition, the car also announced that the volume of orders for the month, from April’s 1000 single to July, has exceeded 3000 single.

car was founded in April 2014, a year rapidly completed the 3 round of financing, the financing of this round of rapid cyclones began in the automotive market after the service sector to explore.

in addition to the leading Tencent, everyone in front of two rounds of investment from the red dot investment, strategy source, venture capital and Lei Jun Department of CIS capital


completed a year round of financing even in the fast changing Internet industry also does not see more, that everyone at the car market is changing sharply, the needs of industry and capital in the birth of the platform level of the company, all the car from the trading platform to the service platform is the service across the hundreds of billions of market in the car after the card battle.

everybody car will be its ultimate goal is defined as: to build the Internet used car 4S shop, that is, through the Internet to provide one-stop service for car users, including transactions, maintenance and financial services.

in its first year, all vehicles mainly in solving user problems through the transaction, no reason to return the car C2C without post transaction, on-site inspection and assessment division for 14 days and 1 year warranty to discourage people do not trust the second-hand car.

The rapid increase in

orders has led them into the second step in building an Internet used car 4S store: maintenance.

, the first entity store,

everyone car for the perfect car service and opened the first offline experience shop


car this year in May in Linghai next to the second-hand car market opened the first "4S" shop for trial business. Unlike other professional 4S points, this shop >