The reason why

puts the quotation marks to the garbage station is because no one can tell exactly which is the garbage station or which is the regular station. On the other hand, garbage stations can become formal stations, and regular stations may become garbage stations.

believe that someone has heard a word, we these webmaster, all from do garbage station learn to do stand. Although a little, but not without reason. How do you say? At the beginning, the station you did was certainly a lot. These flawed websites can also be regarded as garbage stations.

I used to do a garbage dump. Is to find users in Baidu search Mobile Corporation particularly many, and are regional, such as Wuhan mobile, Huangshi mobile, etc.. But local Mobile Corporation do not have much content, let alone websites. So you just do a station, title, plus keywords, content is simply modified, the key word on the OK. Baidu search, traffic immediately came, thousands of a day.

above is the "era of the former garbage station", this era is over. But not entirely, because just a few days ago, but also found that someone actually modified my former garbage station, Baidu actually also included a large number of pages. Why not K? Probably because this station is "first good after cheap" (say a little not good, ha ha, webmaster well, make money is not easy), and its PR also came up, the chain is also quite a lot.

although many people say rubbish stations, don’t do it now. Baidu doesn’t accept it. But if you have the time, energy, and interest in this, you might as well do a dumpster. Still feasible. But it can’t be as simple as it used to be.

How does

do it? Personal feelings are as follows:

one, manually added, pseudo original, manual added, easy to do pseudo original, Baidu or not annoying

two, often updated

three, plus the chain method is very much, oneself find to see, for example, like me, more in Webmaster nets write article

four, pay attention to some SEO strategy, hot words difficult to do, but hot words + long tail good to do, hand update every day, long time, is a lot of long tail words, traffic flow may also be very impressive.

said so much?. Try to do what you want.

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