traffic is the webmaster’s life, no traffic, no money. In order to flow, you Adsense is resorted to all means, advertising, post, cheat click, kind of Trojan, do hackers, can think of all the way to think, but in the end, often get tired of the spirit. But only those poor IP. What’s wrong with it? It’s legal responsibility. How much pressure should our poor webmaster bear?

today is the webmaster friends inside a traffic surge method. But everything is Human effort is the decisive factor., people need to do, if you just do not do it, what you are not. So when you read this article, hope you can help (never insult your eyes). Let’s get down to business,

in my practice as an example (so convincing), this year the beginning of the September, occasionally a chance when watching a movie suddenly pop up ads, then my Kaspersky alarm, follow the computer blue screen, my heart dark scold the advertising people don’t have good heart hanging virus (~ ~ many owners have seen this form of advertising is through the license will download their website into it, so as to achieve the effect of advertising), but I thought, this is how the web advertisement is inserted into the video in the heart? "If I can put my advertising on the site it is inserted into the video??………… I know method popup in Real inside, but a lot of people in the storm or other player, this kind of advertising can not play out, but this kind of pop, whether you are Windows Player or Media storm is according to play correct!, which makes me a thrill, and I was determined to find the advertisement can be inserted in the video tool.

so, for the next few days, I started frantically searching the engine for this type of tool. But a look at the official price, 1200 yuan, I suck two breath, too expensive to afford, then began to continue looking for "video encryption", "pop video", "video ads", "video pop-up ads"…… A huge network seems to have not found? Is irrelevant answer, but still haven’t returned to find the beginning of this software, with a start trial version and find someone to crack (Hey! No way the official offer is too high, only to spend money to find people, do not know to find a crack) how many so-called hacker master, we started talking to several thousands! How not to die, either with the software fooled me how, when I was three years old child! Finally, no way, I’m in the backward of two missions. In less than two days, I found someone to break it (of course it takes some Money pull, but still our backward brothers have the skills, the cows are not blowing. The next day, ha ha), is also the most exciting start, I was immensely proud, for different people have different ways, I was thinking, I started advertising with what method? "