goes to work on the first day, brush the finger to enter the house, see a regiment of smoke, darling is the ghost in "lost"?


approached the view look, I saw a man wearing a headset, with the left hand smoke, right Tuosai, at DELL widescreen 16:9, giggling.

"Lao Zhang, what are you looking at? How strong is it?" I dropped my bag and took off my coat. He did not respond, as he is a scapula.

"Oh…… "Who?" Lao Zhang shook his arm, looked up at me, and pointed at the screen. Oh, I see it, the original old man is seen or full of fashion YouTube! I help him to remove the headset, gently said: "Zhang, you can’t do that, but today the national ear care day. You don’t always hang this! "" Yeah, hey, this thing really funny foreigners shot, compared with the domestic websites on what ah, ah, a couple of pornographic shrew candid ah…… "Much better!" I glanced at the screen as it turned out to be "animal world.". Lao Zhang really has good taste.

"how do you know about this popular YouTube?" I asked, laughing at the mouse. "That is not my girl, every day! What practicing English video, Mongolia who ah! Teach me all of a sudden to expose!" I took a deep breath, spewing two circle, showing very pleased with oneself. "Well, really, thank you, boy! Good girl ah, dad to find such a new continent! How to say you have to give her a Clockwork SMS bless you ah!" I joked, "you know what’s the date today?" "love…… Love…… Love day! "Zhang excited to stammer. I waved, "not only that, this is not to say your daughter today? Ah, Taohuajie Japanese!" I paused, sipped tea, "the Japanese girls, young girls, including children, today will spend" peach "in skirt embroidered on the inside. Put the fragrant grass, quite a talisman, also called" Taofu ", take a homonym, is the meaning of" escape "to avoid disaster, but also a symbol of beauty and youth!" Lao Zhang looked at my feet have 1/4 incense time, did not speak. Later, from the teeth blurted out, "smelly boy, you Lecture Room look at, really when you are Yu Dan Yi Zhongtian! Is Baidu Google, besides…… The Japanese girl’s day let them Chinese together in the past, what fun? "Said he pulled out a mobile phone I rendered speechless, playing a" crackling Peach Blossom Festival is happy! ", click" send". Then, hang up the headset and into the arms of YouTube, too.

who says YouTube is just the young man’s favorite, and who I am anxious about is a net boost to Uncle Wang’s disdain. Edison Chan is a romantic affair, or aunt put me stuck in the corner to say! Online video than TV directly, because of short. Pan Changjiang didn’t have a famous saying, "all the concentrated things are fine." in YouTube’s hometown, America, this has been fully fulfilled, "Guang 200>"