why should soft Wen marketing as one of the website’s operation strategy, this problem has been widely mentioned in the Internet field. In my opinion, the use of soft text marketing at least the following 5 benefits.

1, soft text marketing can bring more traffic for your website

on the Internet to release soft Wen, the biggest advantage is that you can make your message more widely, so that more people visit your web site. As we all know, the Internet has become a world-class "playground", and the network connection that exists in it is increasing a lot every minute. By the right way, your information can be read by tens of thousands of people over the internet. Among them, the Internet users especially like those informative and interesting information, and if we put some commercial information interspersed with them, we can achieve a good marketing.

2, soft Wen marketing can increase search engine rankings,

soft marketing focuses on the importance of content in the search engine, and, soft text can be controlled, you can put your web site related keywords are put in the soft text. In the early days, put some of the competition is not very big keywords, is a good ranking of the powerful guarantee, with the development of the site, you can gradually use those more competitive words. Try your best to distribute the key words to the title, description and content. Even, you can put keywords in URL, which can help search engines better identify the subject of soft text.

3, soft text marketing can increase the credibility of the site,

soft writing is a powerful tool for improving the credibility of your web site. The ultimate goal of soft marketing is to establish a complete, high-quality content system. And more convincing articles that are different from their competitors will increase the credibility of the site and will be considered more professional. This will lead to good word-of-mouth and attract more people to visit.

4, soft Wen marketing can increase the netizen to the website of good impression,

as the credibility continues to increase, visitors begin to treat you as an expert on a subject, followed by an invisible boost to your web site’s popularity. At the same time, soft Wen marketing aims at more in-depth to elaborate the theme of your web site, with the subject content constantly perfect, he will be more easily meet customer needs in all aspects. These will continue to increase the popularity of the site.

5, soft text marketing can maintain and develop old customers

The key role of

soft marketing is to maintain and develop old customers who regularly visit your web site on a regular basis. You know, pure and random network traffic doesn’t have a substantial impact on your website, because these visitors are often full of distrust of your site. And the successful soft Wen marketing can help you fence your customers, let them become your loyal fans, so for you to promote products is more favorable. And, a good article will attract those