web site wind vane, seems to have been looking at which industry has been invested more, sold more than on the swarm. Whether it’s video, blogging, or the latest SNS. Are others, do. How many can succeed in the end,

?Do you see

site navigation, Hao123 sold, are doing, finally do have several? Do video sites, investment and financing burn too much, finally can profit to adhere to a few? Do blog, we are like a swarm of bees have disappeared, and finally even Fang Xingdong. Everything was calm.

, now SNS and Webgame are getting hot again. I don’t know how hot it is for a few. Achieves guku million, we don’t want to be the scapegoat. After all, most of us don’t make it. Why do we have to fight for that Canoe?

do website, such as opening supermarket. WAL-MART, Carrefour is, after all, only a limited worldwide chain. And more is near the District, the streets near the small supermarket, they are also in the service of one side of the public can make money on the basis of, can support the family, can live. Do a website, do some industry, regional, service-oriented, platform type. Truly meet the needs of Internet users, to facilitate Internet users, platforms and reference.

Internet users demand many, many, more convenient, faster. Do everything around the needs of users and, not to be invested, in order to make money. Of course, the websites, navigation, blogs, videos, SNS are also the needs of Internet users, but this is only part of the demand, not what we can do.

analyzed why he threw cold water on SNS.

1 What do you do in SNS? What do you compete with?. How much does your program architecture cost?

SNS 2 SNS how many netizens, the bigger the better SNS community, many small and medium-sized will eventually wither slowly. If you do not, do not go on, and finally became uncompleted residential flats. A netizen is not to his information, the article sent to 10 different SNS up, so very tired, very valuable, unless the exception of advertising. But this is not what the SNS site wants.

3 SNS is not so much profit, do a half a year SNS has failed to find a profit, such as profit, also became their The early bird catches and we begin to do, SNS was robbed of the opportunity now, can only be regarded as one of the following.

4 SNS, where to get traffic and users, a normal site can not get traffic, relying on Baidu, mail bulk. Group QQ. People Baidu mail company, QQ also want to do SNS?.

5 to do traffic, to make money, or to be pragmatic, do some small areas of users, some large international supermarkets can not cover the place, some of the street super!