last month, the Finance Department of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province State Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau of Zhejiang Province jointly issued a document, decided in each region in the local purchase must have a certain influence on the site, which is an established less than three years of accounting website: Shaoxing accounting network (address: Shaoxing region as the propaganda national tax policy, fiscal policy and the promotion of national golden tax project government website, the founder of the Shaoxing Municipal Bureau of finance was also employed for the construction of full-time formal civil servants in charge of the site and maintenance. Now a lot of people in the situation to crush the civil service exam, accounting Shaoxing webmaster but easily became a civil servant. More important is: because the Shaoxing accounting network in the negotiations have a certain initiative, so the government requires only the: before the end of the year to remove all the commercial advertisement; all services are all free (all the funds required by the Financial Bureau, the bear) domain ownership by the Shaoxing accounting network founder retention.

from a technical point of view: the site is used by Dvbbs Its loopholes appeared one after another., can be said that as long as a little computer knowledge of the people can be very easily make this website, there are also not original.

, but this website can be successful, I personally think: First: to do people without me, do not blindly follow the trend. Now, there are tens of millions of websites all over the world. How to stand out from here, you have to do it without me, so that other people will remember you. For example: large and small business websites now do not know how much to count, but because they are behind the Alibaba to follow suit, so they cannot do also but the earliest in this field "business network"; for example: site navigation, since the "hao123" success, but also countless better than hao123 Web site navigation and the emergence of the Internet, but at least today no one more than it. And Shaoxing accountant net, as accountant kind website itself is not the earliest run, but as a regional website, it is the earliest run in Shaoxing area. In addition, because the accounting class website "accounting" professional is very strong, but also to others imitation brings certain difficulty.

second: seize the "accounting" prominent "Shaoxing"". Although the site there are a lot of things from other sites copy, but after integration all tightly grasp the essence of accounting, but also due to the addition of a large amount of local information, the user can get a lot of information obtained from other places, a natural will remember and be willing to go to this web site.

third: highlighting practicality. Accounting is a very practical subject, so the webmaster collects, sorts and releases some useful information. Although this piece of content is not much, and text expression is also rough, but because this content is closely related with the work of the financial workers, so very popular with visitors!


fourth: the website opened for more than half a year, just a little famous, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance