user experience is a headache, a site if there is no place to attract others, it is difficult to make people remember it, even if your keywords ranking is good, users do not experience, the bounce rate is very high, and repeat it less and less, this website is actually very common, we see some website done earlier, the station a lot, the weight is relatively high, but when we go after will have a headache and disoriented, because there is simply too much confusion, so although they may be good keywords ranking, the conversion rate greatly as others, Shanghai website that make attracting network user experience not only in the content aspect, the small details sometimes is crucial.

first, the small button in the station settings,

sometimes we’ll find a small button, will let users love, but also convenient for users to browse and read, but sometimes we also need to add a button or icon to facilitate users to browse the reading of the article, the two most common attracting network for example to explain, the first is back to the top of the button set the button seems to be small, but good, now as long as the more content of the site can add this button, convenient for the user to read from some large web sites, micro-blog, Baidu encyclopedia can see this gadget, figure is back to the top of the small button Sohu:


sometimes small button is not is based on the user reading, there may be creative things will make people easy to remember, such as the soso news in the small button, while the relevant priority, while the priority of time, with the news of Baidu search set function is exactly the same, but the use of an icon button show, also let a lot of people are more interested in.


logo looks like a small icon for a web site is to play a very important role, we open the website, is this small icon may at first glance, how to make a small icon to play its due role, how to make the image of the logo to allow users to remember the main company and brand culture is a the question, logo is actually can constantly change to cater to the user experience, such as holidays, we will find that each search engine logo will be to show to promote the festival form, and Google replacement on logo is more frequent, is changed with some important days, actually we familiar with the A5 station network is also so, through the observation of a year or so, the logo also changed along with several day, we will find that logo now is the winter snow And in the summer, we found a few dove flying, actually that’s the nuances of logo change.

three, pay attention to website beauty >