these days have seen a lot of reports about buy nets, "shuffle", "turnaround" and so on, these keywords almost all appear in all kinds of article reports. As an average consumer, the network has gone through three stages in my mind:

1: don’t believe buy

2: Yes, but only for small consumption,

3: is the formation of brand awareness, looking for some big buy platform to consumption, the amount has gradually increased

, we review the trend of group buying in China:

domestic group purchase emerging trend, our large number of grassroots webmaster, is eager for a fight, with the efficient transfer of information technology, coupled with the external benefits with fresh stimulus, for a time, all kinds of network group purchase emerge like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. And the blind herd behavior, let the tiny part of network group purchase joy, most of the webmaster is worry, why? Because of the emergence of a new thing, consumers will have to resist the first thought, not rashly to consume, plus some small group purchase network for short-term interests, not even in terms of integrity checks. The result of this stage is that most group purchase network fell two, a no flow, no conditions to draw more businesses in three, if not profitable, but as a large, planned network group purchase, their strong anti risk, had predicted this result, a large part of the group purchase fell down. The network has laid the foundation for their advertising, advertising, through the large quantities of group purchase network, the concept of group purchase for young people have been known to every family.

SEO I am engaged in network marketing work for an Internet company, when you write to make a SEO idea.

The concept of

SEO with the network group purchase trend is very like, can also be used as a new industry to treat, because the threshold is low, so the influence of some predecessors to earn money are under the age of soaring prices, do in the Internet work for our people, nature will hasten if duck.

domestic SEO industry has been very obvious shows the strength of several of us, they are as the leader of the industry, always give us these pain and stick to the people, an incentive. The whole process is very typical of follow the trend of the phenomenon (in this statement, there is absolutely no BS meaning to follow this trend, because… I also follow the trend, but the wind) how to blow? On the market about SEO to the customer, we are simply selling keywords ranking, because this is seen, as long as make up, good with customers.

SEO= keywords ranking!? this is the most difficult, but also can be said to be the most easily, because most of the time, some tutorials to our concept is, as long as the hair of the chain, as long as the number of updates, words will be up. Because this operation skips the structure optimization inside the station, similar to copywriting editor >