has been mixing on the Internet for years, and that’s the truth. It’s been years since it was made, and that’s the truth, but the site’s IP hasn’t done more than one thousand, ten thousand. They’re all blind.

2007, the second half of the year engaged in website promotion work, in fact, before work that is Baidu GOOGLE, website promotion, website traffic, bulk software, business software, in retrospect a funny, I apply for the management of the work of the forum is just not long after support promotion, doing a relatively easy way till now.

picture stand, that is not a graph king? In the promotion of contact more, every kind of, is candid, is self, in fact I also met in college at such sites, only weak have always felt that this picture is definitely belongs to * *, we like this upright man, how could you do this things. What a joke! Remember there was a three point picture posted by web250 at the time. I was educated for three days and three nights. I told him that our website needed traffic, and it needed popularity, but we couldn’t do it.

work in the first contact with the larger picture station is the sky picture station, look at this station is very large, and later also know that it is also Yi day advertising alliance. Look at this picture station, and what is this shoot that, the so-called beauty, bold and bold self timer, really do not understand what such a big station still exists, and became famous in the internet. Several customers have been known, and it is said that such pictures do not belong to * * *. The definition of * * * is no longer said. In simple terms, in 2005, it was called "non dew point".

later, let me compare with service is the CN3 world map pick, now renamed Chinese forum, like QIHOO, in the name of the company is flow exchange, and CN3 in my earlier cooperation, he gave the IP and flow is the strongest, it can be said to be the one we have try to IP more than ten thousand people, understand what is the website. Otherwise, at most, it’s a personal homepage.

then later, I met my sister. This kind of picture station prints her website address at the picture station. There are strange nets and other classic pictures. SEO brings traffic, but Baidu is not stupid, the Spring Festival sealed several large flow picture station, I do not know what is considered, in short, the site should be long-term to rely on Baidu flow, definitely dead miserable.

so far, these pictures still communicate everywhere every day IP, I give one thousand, you give me ten thousand, in exchange for IP. Rely on what money, in fact, speak out miserable.

remember last year, many bragging that his picture station, the film registered several hundred, and make yourself bold, and desperately to make money in the dead. Website IP also many, no one hundred thousand, fifty thousand also have it, fart impassability, movie registration ten, more than 100 yuan money tired to life are not. It doesn’t work, real sister, it seems that there are dozens of registered IP people over one hundred thousand websites a day.

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