Yahoo China quietly left the Internet bigwigs blocking WeChat version 5 were strong. Once fame is facing before YAHOO, little brother is now Internet gangster opponents, only quietly leave! The Internet is so cruel, to compete with rivals, it can only choose to leave, no other way, as a grassroots webmaster also facing the pressure of the opponents, if not competitors do analysis, very good so, may soon bid farewell to the Internet competition stage, similarly, in the optimization analysis of competitors in the promotion of the website is an important link. In a word, website optimization, only in the constant competition can strengthen themselves!


how to learn from your competitors? In fact, a lot of competition we can not see, especially the kind to obstruct, dig traps are almost impossible to guard against small trick is "hard to say" we don’t know the webmaster, but their website development to a certain stage, it has a certain appeal in the Internet completely, for example, may publicly challenge the opponent! 360 war Tencent, such as last year’s low-cost electricity supplier war, such as this year’s WeChat battle……


5 version was released, Taobao will immediately react, two-dimensional code toxic, are not allowed to use, will immediately transaction function of two-dimensional code does not seem to disappear, the NetEase has recently been busy and idle, Telecom to launch easecredit…… In the face of competitors mercilessly resorted to the killer, the Tencent began to move and react, said cooperation, rumors and rumors, the mobile terminal in full swing.

our Internet heavyweights blocking WeChat’s market competition, you can see the measures taken by competitors in the face of the site. Effective weapon is one of the direct blocking competitors, like Taobao blocked the two-dimensional code as "new features you have a problem, we should be responsible for the user, to prevent virus invasion!" in fact, since this year Taobao and micro-blog cooperation, has started the Tencent as the biggest competitor, everywhere to restrain its development, by virtue of its Tencent powerful chat tools, easy fast electronic commerce platform has gradually obtained the user’s approval, and the introduction of WeChat products in the mobile terminal, the social marketing has become the mainstream trend of e-commerce, the initiative undoubtedly Tencent, in the electronic commerce platform, between the two has been irreconcilable, want to kill each other in the face this competition, take any modest means does not work, blocking the opponent is the most effective way, blocking the opponent such extreme practices Although Taobao has a big suspicion, it can not help saying that it is a fatal blow to WeChat’s two-dimensional code trading function. If you want to block your opponent, you should have enough force. The strong dialogue usually uses this method!


website competition between competitors, effective weapon two of the joint resistance, NetEase and Telecommunications cooperation, launched the easy letter blocking WeChat is typical of joint resistance. The biggest advantage is the formation of the joint fight against team to face the challenges of competition, but this combination must have common interests, unfamiliar street and WeChat’s competition, WeChat traditional involves the interests of operators, which are double.