prototypes is an important product in the product development process, it not only determines the performance of product form, but also in the visual display of products under the condition of better verification requirements, clear product targets. The establishment of interactive prototyping is usually judged by cross department personnel. How to conduct interactive reviews efficiently is often a headache for many interactive designers. We can take the following aspects into consideration.

Preparation before


at least one day in advance to initiate interactive review notices, booking meeting rooms, projection equipment, etc., indicating the content of the review, meeting time, meeting place, participants and so on. According to the business and personnel, preliminary review if necessary.

notice what time:

1. review: in the mail can be brief, and attach the interactive prototype or link, to participate in the assessment of personnel on the contents of the meeting have a certain understanding, ready before the meeting, to avoid the blind to participate in the review meeting, resulting in prolonged, reduce the efficiency of the meeting.

2. review: the main data is interactive prototype, different versions of interactive prototype, design reference, competitive analysis, data analysis data if available, may be used in the assessment process. It is better to bring your own notebook, so that you can do the data exchange, demonstration and comparison in the presentation, and express your design proposal effectively and increase the persuasiveness.

3. is involved in personnel selection: product development executives such as product manager in each link (PD), visual, front-end, project manager (PM), optional test, customer service, full operation, data mining depends on the products. Coordinate staff time, avoid review, required personnel are not caused by the situation, once again review. Meeting personnel control below 10 people, the most efficient.


In the


During the

review process, the designer should pay attention to control the progress of the meeting, review the functional points, the approximate time, and pay attention to the discussion, and not deviate from the topic and pull it back in time.

business review, designers should pay attention to our review is the interactive prototype, not the designer himself, our purpose is as much as possible to find out the possible problems in this stage found more problems, the smaller the risk of subsequent. Avoid problems that are iterated and magnified.

1. describes the target user’s situation and experience goals.

is suitable for a new product, we are not clear on the background of new products, or the new composition of the virtual team, not familiar with each other, mutual trust is established, which can speed so that we understand the interactive prototype background, let your design >