Luo Yonghao, a great reputation network " rights hero ". By November 20, 2011, SIEMENS in the China headquarters building with a hammer smashed three refrigerators and the notorious problem. Since then, he set off another round of " for business in micro-blog; war of words can say no, " " " defeat;. Whether to choose silence, eventually apologized to the Pizza Hut Yoshinoya SIEMENS, as long as the old pick, can escape the fate of universally condemned " ".

but recently, he is extremely depressed. A domain name by " ", and murder; because the diamond cuts diamond ultimately to his teammates oolong, a public apology and declared the end of. It is no exaggeration to say that this is a micro-blog battle than eight files idol drama is more exciting and The path winds along mountain ridges.

first round: Luo met the rival

understand the art of war

July 14th, Luo Yonghao in its official Sina micro-blog broke the original company was "" domain name became " Tmall ", said this domain was deleted after the expiration and re registration. Luo with extremely sharp words yowled the domain registrar services at its individual million net, micro-blog said: " I will spend the rest of my life, with all the legitimate and cruel way, the direct responsibility of the merciless revenge events utterly devoid of conscience…… The end of life, far-off regions. " and related shelling, micro-blog one, there will soon be more than more than 4500 people reprinted and commented.

friends joked, Luo at the enterprise, no one can get. Before SIEMENS and the chain of home real estate, after Yoshinoya and pizza hut, in all its powerful call and guidance, let users one-sided invective. At this time, all waiting for all the response, a user rights battle of the curtain is slowly opened.

shishinanliao, civilink than before by Luo pain group of enterprises more directly, as the enterprise’s Alibaba, million net Market coping ability obviously faster than foreign some.

the morning of July 16th, civilink issued an official statement. The statement pointed out, "" domain name once belongs to the network users, the user name is lee. Because due notice has not been renewed by others through other domain name registrar. " also made a detailed announcement about the ins and outs of the domain name over the last 5 years.


statement, Luo bristle. The focus of the argument is that network is in the "" domain name is about to expire, notify the other party to renew. Luo Yonghao, who was still in the class, saw the announcement as "very exciting" and said that he would go for "10000" immediately after class