looked at the new edition of "Huan Zhu Lou" today, and really felt very boring. From story to actor, there was nothing new. Needless to say, the story is to remake the old version. The actors are just handsome boys and girls. It’s a waste of time. For a long time, there has been a classic TV series is a remake from the "Water Margin", "a dream of Red Mansions" four masterpiece also spared, "The Legend Of White Snake", "Legend of the Condor Heroes" and so on, some have created the TV screen classic remake has been popular, it is difficult to go beyond, can let the audience antipathy. You want to copy the classic, is impossible, as long as the new story, new plot to restore the legend, like "struggle", "dwelling", "battle of marriage" and so on, a new era of film to once again aroused the enthusiasm, become a new legend.

looked at the "new pearl" comments on the Internet, one said a very good version of the only advantage is to make the old version and a fire! ", indeed! Every time a new version of a film and television dramas, is bound to cause the old version of memories and discussed every just as the old version of the new combustion again. A remake of a new TV drama film will cause the new search traffic, said the "Huanzhugege", Baidu heat index reached more than 150 thousand, do not know the webmaster have the corresponding key words. Read the new version of the "Pearl", and naturally will look at the old version, recall the plot of the year, how can the classics go beyond


again, "my success can be replicated" is just an empty talk. No one’s experience can be copied. No one can casually succeed. For example, the old webmaster forum laggards, many grassroots Adsense initial contact with the Internet, contact the website, is starting from the laggards, now many year out of the small station has become the "webmaster", has matured even metamorphosis, but the memories still retain, occasionally also look in many webmaster heart perhaps this is the classic plot, can not give up. Later, A5 forum started, not to continue the pattern of laggards, but opened up new ideas, flagship trading, business forums, so that grassroots webmaster can make money in A5, there is harvest. After all, in the current network environment, economic income, experience, skills, more practical than pure exchange irrigation, but also more durable, so A5 grew up, and quickly become another gathering place grassroots adsense.

as a grassroots webmaster, we have been imitating other people’s way, taking the road of others, for example, many people do blog comments and promotion. Every time I talk about blogs, reviews and promotion, I think of Lu Songsong. He has almost opened the blog review promotion. He has created a commanding point. If we these latecomers only purely and mechanically return to the blog, comment left the chain, it is always difficult to jump out of this model, to reach new heights. Also known as the "Moonlight blog", years of unchanged blog pages, typesetting, and even articles, are familiar with the master of the classic, and can not be exceeded. If you want to be the next classic, only re create one