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published "how to do the station in stationmaster net monthly income 4K" after the reaction strong, two or three days after the publication of is about 30 people with my QQ, to communicate, to want to buy a lot of space data, business or advertiser customer service MM, some brothers also want to to understand some of the details of the optimization SEO. In fact, in terms of SEO, I am also a rookie, there is not much to learn. Today, write the topic of the application, for your reference, the right to throw a brick when it is. Master can skip, lest the jade is not to come out, have attracted a stone or slobber).

himself understands that the role of the topic is a supplement to the column and should be based on the content of the website and the prevailing social factors to consider the setting of the topic. The column is relatively fixed, while the topic can be changed in time. In the end how to use the special topic to report traffic, the following describes the method:

first, you can check the calendar, selected in the last one or two months have what important festival, this festival is best not too near, of course, with the level of your SEO, my SEO is weak, I need a month’s time to prepare. For example, next month is teacher’s day 10, and October 1st is the national day, and it is the two important festival from now on. Then we can create these two topics. I like to open a new station. Free library (, 2 weeks ago, when the station was completed, I created a "2008 Beijing Olympics" topic, although Baidu is not included, but at present only in some long tail keywords made of Google, every day can also bring some IP, I want to enter the climax with the Olympic Games until the end of the Olympic Games, after a period of time, the key is to maintain a relatively high flow.

was so far away, the project was created, and then, specifically, how to maintain these topics. In fact, there is no difference with the general SEO, mainly through content + chain two aspects.

content, the first day to update some related content, to these topics inside, it is better to original. Search the relevant keywords every day, try to improve the content of the topic, and pay close attention to the keyword than your previous website. Do what others do not have, I have others, I am relatively new, more comprehensive, new content of others, I will immediately collect.

outside the chain, continue to improve the weight of the home page, and in the home page and base him a key page to establish the link to the topic. At the same time, can also according to the special do some outside the chain, the general Links main page, as these topics can be through the soft Wen, fanchon, and some means some blogs on various websites to do some links, don’t do too much, but should adhere to do step by step.

personally feels that SEO does not have very high technical content. Just remember a little, >