with the rapid development of the information age, people’s demand and job requirements are also getting higher and higher, and suddenly found that this MBA management professionals gradually increased.

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to MBA have long admired the aura, at MBA heart; but you may not know what MBA, what kind of life, in addition to discussing the intense study, case, whether there are inside the University Youth

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MBA occupation elite graduates, where in the world’s top 500 companies, or sweat in his career; but you may not know, there are a group of young people, because the same ambition and hobbies together, after 18 months of training, agloat to forge their own occupation brilliant, hold the future of the world


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has been in the past 08 years, wrote a "review of 2008, Outlook 2009" article in 2008, let me from a campus students go to the Internet this big family, let me learn what is a search engine? Let me learn how to do the keyword search engine, let me start have a dream of SEO, with a passion for hunting, this is my all achievements review of 2008, I stood in the 2009 clock today, outlook this year I have another achievement, overall operation of a website to go all the way, step by step, it can be success, just like thousands of rain Japanese network: I took a small step to go now, feels very slow. So the target of 09 years is the product manager, as a product manager to have a lot of conditions, there must be a management team, rich experience, experience, product planning and so on need to be specific, these are my goals for the next year.

is now the product manager is my goal, one year to get along, let me see his team leadership, team members can lead well, people are not willing to leave the grounds, this is his administration has done very well! He can observe each person’s thinking, can at any time. Let the heart of the team are closer together, this is the strength of the team! That I am still very lacking, this year I also brought a small team, finally a new colleague did not do a few days left, do not know is to lead my problem? Or is he a person like this the work is not suitable for him? When he came to the company leaving office, I asked him how to go? He said that this work is very without passion.

to tell you the truth: when you first started, it was really boring to do a friendship link, and every day is to talk to each other about the connection