now make a movie website is very easy, the next movie station program Marx or search a space, put the collected can immediately have the resources tens of thousands of movie movie station, to keep the film stand spread is more difficult.

some people say that the movie station is easy to flow, in fact, this is not complete, if you do not go publicity, will anyone know your station? There are two main sources of the movie station IP:


1., according to the domestic Internet habits, from Baidu IP obviously is the main source of each website, this is not to say that Baidu included more there will be more IP from Baidu, but the key lies in the collection of web pages in Baidu key words belong to what position, your site if there is a higher weight, I the movie station 26 search company was a period of time Baidu included thousands of data, but the IP is only a few hundred, later changed a template, although included reduced, but the keywords go up, once the company mentioned second pages of Baidu keyword, this alone every day to 5000 IP. How to improve the keywords, which relates to the site of the SEO, in fact nothing so few points: do the chain (to a relatively high weight of the website and Baidu know Post Bar; Links (blog) to choose those similar sites included in the new


2. publicity, this is suitable for the beginning stage, why put the final talk, because the final purpose is to let Baidu flow. Just started my movie station when I was through the QQ group propaganda, a group of can paste Advertising – send by T -, which is relatively quick, but the effect is obvious, remember to add those movies such as QQ group;


above is I do half of the movie station comprehensive experience and ideas, I hope to give everyone a little help, you can see my site keywords and description, is good to do