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PR than not, I was in 2009 August began to do site, domain name registration at the end of July, at the beginning I always see on the website PR value how others say I don’t know, then, after reading a lot of relevant information, the SEO article also read a lot, is an anxious, three months down what effect did not see only more included, more links.

"what is the website PR value, the PR value of the site (called PageRank), is part of a Google search ranking algorithm in the level from 1 to 10, 10 for the full score, the higher the PR value that the web search rankings in the status of the more important, that is to say, in other same conditions under the condition that the priority is the PR value high site in Google search results ranking. This is the PR value of the most basic explanation."

later understand that the PR value of the update, there is time is generally a quarterly update once, the PR value of the update time is difficult to grasp, because we can not know when the PR value updates. However, from our experience for many years, the website PR value update is also a certain rule. General website PR value update is in a month around 13 and 27 update. The PR value of the update cycle is between 65 days to 120 days, but the most common is in about 3 months."

I think the PR value is mainly to improve the quality of your site, such as: your web site edition design, content, advertising, pictures, etc., there is no problem, and there is often updated your website. OK! Site is not perfect to your website more get more complicated, but to do more and more beauty generous, looks comfortable. My site 3 months before the first to PR1 so I was very satisfied with the PR value finally! I always told myself to insist!! to the beginning of this year a webmaster friend said to me: my brother, your PR3! He told me that when I can’t believe that. Later self check was happy. This may be related to last year’s website consolidation, when there were a lot of Web sites were K, and my site did not, so you selected space business is very important.

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