subdivision industry website is considered to be an entrepreneurial or self built web site, which, such as decoration, home building materials, education, wedding photography, and even driving school and so on, have a series of relatively large flow of sites. In the following period of time, the author will focus on writing a number of articles, for you to analyze these segments of the industry website detailed way of profit. First of all, the education and training website should be analyzed. There are two types of education and training websites, one is educational websites which provide educational consultation as the main mode, and the other is training websites based on training information, and there is a big difference between the two profit models. The last article "industry website profit way analysis of education website chapter" for the analysis of education website, this article to inventory of those top training kind of website is how profitable.

training website profit model mainly has the following points:

number one: recruiting students. Agent recruitment is the most important profit model for most Training Websites in china. Because this model for educational institutions, there is no investment and loss, so welcomed by them. The basic pattern is that the website and the educational institution sign the enrollment agreement, and the website helps the educational institution recruit students. Each recruit a trainee website to extract a certain amount of commission, if the student does not sign up, there is no reward. Due to the daily training to find information on the Internet is not a few students, if the website traffic is rich, so every day through the website registration of participants will be many, this website to get through the agency recruitment income is quite objective. I have a friend to do a training site in Zhengzhou City, opened dozens of the station agent recruitment, to feed a small company, the company has more than 20 people, every day of the gross income of nearly million.

second: value-added services. A lot of training mode of the website is the reference to classified information website, it is the training class singled out to do a website classification information website. Since it is the form of the imitation classified information website, then the profit model will naturally refer to the classified information website. A class, visitors can see the guidance information is limited, so that a training institution ranking, will get more exposure and click, finally get the possibility of student registration fee will be greater. But the number of training institutions is relatively high, so, want to ensure their agency information more at the top or in the top row, it would need to buy top add value-added services such as the. Of course, there are other value-added services in education and training websites, such as buying 400 transfer calls, suggesting two level domain names, student home pages and so on.

third: online classroom and advertising. These profit models are similar to those on educational websites, so put it together. Because most of the visitors on the training website have definite training needs, the rate of online training courses offered by these websites will be higher than that of educational websites. As for advertising, this profit model is basically the same as the educational website above, but the wide range of Training Websites