there was a time not to update the content of network marketing learning "of this series, the network promotion way I will continue to update it, I selected the way basically is tried and the effect is very good, very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals now used for network promotion. Last time I was talking about "classified information marketing". If you haven’t understood it, you can read my story: [network marketing, learning] three: classified information marketing this article.

today’s topic is: question and answer, website marketing, according to management, let’s get to the question and answer website first.

quiz website, users and users is between questions and solve the problems of a platform, to the problem of users through the Internet to keep the form of publicity, and allow all people who know the answer online to answer, and give some reward. The whole process of asking questions is actually the process of consulting the users all over the world. This means that it skillfully borrows the power of most people to accomplish the tasks that the machine and a few people can not accomplish. So, the question in the industry is quite well-known and do very good and what? I believe that everyone can say before one or two, after all through this quiz website promotion also has a lot of people have written articles, but did not integrate it.

here, I recommend a few Q & A websites, and analyze in detail the promotion of the proportion of data:

1:, Baidu know (relying on Baidu search engine advantage, so it can be called "Q & a website industry" boss, "Q & a website promotion", the effect is the most obvious, is also the best.


promotion focus: should spend about%70 of time on Baidu

2:SOSO ask (relying on Tencent QQ advantage in the industry increased rapidly, and in the Baidu search engine friendly degree on the good).

promotion focus: spend at least%15 of time on SOSO asking,

3: Qihoo ask (specifically ask based website, its 360 security guards led to the rapid development of the


focus: because it is designed to do the quiz website, all of which will be a part of their own resources, in fact, is with Baidu and SOSO is asking for independence, although the search engine ranking will not have much effect, but also should do the promotion cost%5 time)

4: ask the question and answer, Sina, YAHOO knowledge hall (the row of them all together, because they are in the field of development although the quiz website no Baidu SOSO ask so top, not professional, as a center, but after all, relying on their surface in different areas have their own advantages in the field of resources


promotion focus: suggest that three websites add up to spending%10 of time,

of course, it’s different