We all know that

website in order to attract more users to visit your site, look forward to the flow of the day. But now many sites in addition to their own visit, no other real click access, or traffic has reached the bottleneck. So, how can we solve this situation? The solution here is to enhance the user experience. As long as the user experience is good, then your website can move in a good direction.

The so-called

is able to enhance the user experience and the first to visit your site visitors, once again win their return again. And we through the planning and promotion of the way must also be targeted, otherwise, their efforts to pay, but will bring disaster to yourself. So how do we categorize, filter and pinpoint the user,


first, analyze the target group of your website,

first of all, to optimize their own web site to pass information to whom, to be accurate, for different target groups to determine a good promotion medium, the media clear, and then further determine the promotion channels.

second, analysis of existing user behavior


carried out slightly through the analysis of their website promotion and target groups, there must be a very small part of the drainage of visitors, so full analysis in these visitors among these user behavior, so we can make the next step of the plan, so we have to analyze the user behavior of


1) what is the craving for information on our website,


2) how dependent are we on the value of our website?

3) is it less annoying to the overall layout of our website?

, 4}, are we satisfied with the value of our website?

5) what are the conditions for our website users?

third, correction is insufficient, classify website user

‘s first visitor: the overall layout of the site, visual impact, and site details are the most important factors in determining the depth of access.

advocates: knowledge for knowledge of website content value of certain requirements are very high, for such people to stick to the information must be extended to do enough.

information collector: you may simply capture or really share your high value content.

web fan: every good website has more or less loyal followers, and these followers are decisive to the promotion of your website’s value and reputation.

third, fully classified implementation, enhance user experience

reasonably extends the degree and distribution of content

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