network world! Every web site can be born too many to count, it is thought, how much of the closure of the site every day, or directly to the administrator management. Why? The majority of the webmaster do stand, in order to make money! How to make money? – publicity. Although some will SEO, but I believe that many webmaster or technology the type, at least I have many friends. They only know what a SEO is, but do not know how to use. May your site traffic from search engines, but one day you see " I’m sorry, "." not found; it is a matter of how painful.

many webmaster friends blind do stand, blind propaganda. The course is hard. But no effect. No good


is part of the webmaster friends, to do publicity for the crowd, the effect is very significant. — natural


in our website before. Would be good, for their own good, do good, everyone has a pen, no, it will be to your next good publicity buried foreshadowing. There is also an important factor to.

since I started the station, I’ve summed up some promotional experiences. I’d like to share.

with my friends

one. Fund type webmaster.

Money talks, bullshit walks., this is the classical words, no matter when established. Do the most typical webmaster, this line of advertising can be overwhelming, employees can be dozens of hundreds. This propaganda effect is not good. That is the problem of luck.

two. Popular webmaster.

on the Internet to touch hard climb old revolutionary, nature is remarkable. They have the appeal is inconceivable, of course FANS is beyond count. They like the Internet leader. Many webmaster are willing to help him develop.


three. Strategy based station.

this is the most important station in. They have flexible thinking, change on the Internet have a keen insight. Guerrilla warfare and continuous stations are able to improvise. Not to mention what type of a website. But to think of a series of ideas, through some ideas can make you do the site immediately went into orbit. This station is that we have to admire. For a small example. this site. Although the site built soon. But his forum posting daily can reach more than 100. The effect is obviously good. Why? Thinking everything. I think he will engage in the activities of good. Post to send the domain name. Many owners see this activity. Many webmaster tend to nature. It is not only the website propaganda. The most important is to bring your own web site is targeted access to what kind of crowd. What kind of activities are you going to stay in? What kind of people do you want to stay with?