whether you are experienced Amazon cross-border electricity supplier professional sellers, or just launched eBay business, all need to decide where to spend time and effort. Fortunately, the current cross-border electricity supplier market is very good, sellers can increase business while reducing workload. With the eBay and Amazon in the past few years to occupy a greater market share, as well as a series of policy changes committed to serving customers, cross-border electricity supplier sellers only need to do their work, you can achieve great success.

this article sets out 17 sales secrets that help Amazon and eBay sellers, not only to promote business development, but also to create brand image and good customer service reputation. These tips can be broken down into three broad categories:

tips on improving customer experience

, Amazon, and eBay always improve search rankings by improving their customer experience. The seller’s feedback and response times are a huge factor that affects Buy, Box, and best match rankings. There is nothing better than improving the customer experience to improve the seller’s search rankings and the seller’s reputation. Here are some good suggestions.

1, quick reply to

consumers want their voices to be heard. Electric sellers need to compete with entities that represent security and face to face communication. How to win the favor of customers? The first thing a seller has to do is to quickly respond to customer information. It’s also a key indicator of Amazon’s performance. Consumers will be happy to receive an answer within 1-2 hours instead of waiting all day. Even if you don’t have an answer, let them know you’re working hard. Better service to customers, to help improve the seller’s credibility.

2, faster processing and distribution services,

‘s second step in improving customer service is to use fast logistics services to deliver parcels to customers as soon as possible. If sellers sell small items and need to ship their own goods, you can try USPS Priority and Priority Flat Rate packages. They not only have the first-class delivery speed, but also the cost is not high. Quick delivery is one of the most important indicators in the sales process to ensure positive feedback.

3, faster delivery speed,

ensure understanding of the delivery time of the logistics company and the last departure from the local truck. The seller may find, plus many canvassing time, second days to leave the local real package. With a small change in the delivery schedule, the seller will be able to leave the goods on the day of delivery, and deliver it to the customer one day earlier. Logistics companies (such as UPS or USPS) would also be happy to help sellers if demand is stated.

4, normalized response content,

as Amazon and eBay businesses expand, sellers will find similar responses to similar issues. Therefore, the seller can set up a question and answer document when replying to customer inquiries