AdSense is the first choice of many personal webmaster, so what station, AdSense effect is better? I told you with their own personal experience, life tips website is a good choice.

years ago, we made a website for "people’s lives.". The domain name is I like the number 100 very much. Tips, you must know what that means,


started doing it, he didn’t think much, just wanted to collect some common tips in life. As a housewife, I often inquire about these things. So I want to save them for future enquiries.

got a website and dropped the ad by the way. Over a period of time, I found that this site hit rate is the highest. It makes sense to think about it. Because the AdSense is "and matching the content on the page, and is just friends need to find things, so the CTR Gaojiu is normal.

some time ago, because the server is not normal, just do the traffic suddenly disappeared. Because I put my main efforts on the Yuncheng information network, I am basically indifferent to this point. Now there is no traffic, but also more regardless of it.

today to see the AdSense harvest, or the site’s high rate of hits, and went to the site to see the next statistics, strange, very suddenly today, traffic is up again. Has not been updated for a long time, it seems that this station should be taken seriously. Search "people’s lives". Come to my website and see if there is anything you need.