1. B2B model based on supply and demand, business opportunities and information services:

supply for most enterprises demand, which is why only a Alibaba China supplier of this service can bring a company to achieve billions of reasons, the following brief analysis of the characteristics of supply and demand to business information service sectors should have:

A, the industry is relatively large, involving a large number of enterprises, a wide range of products, can form a large market, such as textiles, hardware;

, B, products are buyer’s market, competition among enterprises is fierce. Not dozens of suppliers are in monopoly position;

, C, product standardization, enterprise decision to buy a product is a major factor in the priority access to information.

websites like this have to do telemarketing and pull more buyers and suppliers into the big market, and profit models are established.

representative websites are: Alibaba, China chemical network, global hardware network, global textile network, etc..

two. B2B model based on industry information service:

when a company wants to expand the company’s production of a new product, product line or reasonable pricing of products, generally have a market survey, analysis and forecast, price trend analysis of demand, some domestic industries B2B web site is the starting part of the needs of the enterprise, the characteristics of surface analysis to industry information industry service should be provided.

, A, product prices fluctuate greatly, and will change the price of a product, it will affect many downstream enterprises;

, B, industry, large enterprises more, products are generally in the seller’s market;

, C, the industry has a certain monopoly, such as: oil, gas, chemicals, steel, paper and other industries.

to do this kind of website must be proficient in industry, good market investigation and analysis of the industry experts, the only way to make high quality market analysis report, help the enterprise to make right decision, help to promote sales.

representative of the website is: my steel net, the paper etc..

three. B2B model based on investment and joining services:

downstream enterprises in order to make products better for consumers, usually looking for distributors, agents to sell their products. Because if all the enterprises themselves, the front is too long, is not conducive to the recovery of funds, because the seller will require the first part of the terminal sales, credit. The following brief analysis of investment services to join the industry should have characteristics.

, A, industry tend to downstream of the industrial chain, the product is generally directly oriented to ordinary consumers, such as clothing, medicine,

, B, product sales channels generally rely on shopping malls, shops, etc., need to rely on distributors and agents to sell their products;