behind each stationmaster has a lot of bitter experience, these experiences are full of ups and downs, for each webmaster, is a valuable treasure in life experience. I am now talking about my bitter experience with my personal experience.

graduated from University, because he majored in computer science, he was lucky to have worked as a system administrator in a government office. Since 1999, he has been working for 10 years. Before 2001, at that time, access to the Internet, Internet cafes began to enter, when the Internet is simply the money to hit people, an hour to close 10-20 yuan. In 2001, the unit installed fiber under my proposal, so that it was convenient for a long time to really understand and contact the network, and began to do their own station, and really began to earn income through the website income.

-2002 started the second half of 2001 when the Union message through the website to make money is a word "cool", most webmaster know 163, TOM SMS alliance, as long as the corresponding code embedded in web pages, you can earn several thousand dollars a month, and on more than ten million million. At that time only once confirmed, so 163, TOM and other SMS union financial statements revenue surge, stocks rose, among us these webmaster credit. At that time, clearly remember, in order to make the site has a lot of traffic, many webmasters hesitate to linger in the "porn" edge to promote the site.

In 2003

countries are aware of spam messages complaint, implement blow to the Union message SP, all messages of the two confirmed the 2003 for survival through messages to stationmaster, income is more and more low, life is more and more distress, to support his family income website become a bubble.

2004, 2005, more and more owners began to look at the download ringtones, SMS ringtone download not like that after all caused complaints, and mobile phone is more and more widely used, with the amount of ringtones download site traffic is more and more high, the income is better than in 2003, but compared to 2001, 2002, or a large gap, after all, or two times to confirm the ringtone download.

in 2006 a new coalition, is IVR alliance, that is the voice of the alliance. Most owners of the mobile phone may receive many messages such as VOD, dial a number, you can listen to songs, such as message, because the demand is the number of one-time charges, so compared to the two confirmed, stationmaster income has improved. This phenomenon is not a long time, some owners through the IVR to start our voice, so that 2006 mobile end without a large number of users complaints, and close the corresponding channel, make money in this way also died.

flash to 2007, a web site without traffic is equal to no income, the principle of universal webmaster know the truth, so many SEO cheating software was born. Most webmaster probably know "Knight"