, first of all, thank you for creating ADMIN5 webmaster network, let me know,

1, new people can not go to build garbage station,

2, how do you study hard, SEO?.

3, better focus on the core of their site, positioning

4, let my PR value for more than two months, more than the site for several years old webmaster website PR value. My site is now PR=4

5, Baidu included in a week included finished,

China Adsense phenomenon:

From a

station, PR=0 did not have a good site to do Links with you, if you have it! After two months, the PR=4 now also want to thank all those who refuse me the webmaster, let you see what I was released The students surpass the teacher.! Several articles in the ADMIN5 station network. This has a "Chinese local portal network, has become the" bubble economy ranked first for a week. There are three articles that are issued in Chinese! Although Internet sector is not to be proud of what the development of speech, but I love the title of love and China webmaster webmaster to discuss Internet


"Xiamen old fish fish community VS new fish fish community" local forum "study" case,

mourning day, as a webmaster, what should we do,


guesses: 29 days, Baidu changes " new card " make new game rule


", "leisure discourse", "the"


chatted with Wang, he also introduced the beautiful tourist video in Wuyishan to the king. Unfortunately, he was busy. Otherwise, he said he would have a chance to visit Wuyishan.

is here, hope that the webmaster should pay attention to the body, in fact, to allow economic Fujian province Wuyishan play will change the mood, attention to the development of the website is more favorable! As the saying goes: a load carrying flowers do not open, a willow grows! I’m a student in a non computer network Cobain students, I love the construction site, I love you know there is such a person


this is my altar in fish http://s.minbeiyu.com