had the honor to stay in Vietnam for a few days, soaked a lot of Internet cafes, through Internet cafes to briefly tell Vietnam Internet knowledge. Give some results to everyone. The hope can cause more Chinese stationmaster to enter abroad network the idea of the market. If you have enough money or have a good relationship, it’s important that you have an original vision and smart management skills, so you can get there.

Since the unification of

, Vietnam’s economic development has been slow. Especially in the north, it is still dominated by agriculture. However, since the implementation of the open policy, there have been some good policies for the introduction of foreign capital. The interaction with China is also greater than that of other countries.

recently, the rapid economic development of Vietnam, since the opening in the field of IT, the Internet and network game industry gradually expand the scale, the online games have entered Vietnam, attention to the Internet game player is more and more high.

Vietnam has a population of about 93 million, with a male to female ratio of 1:3. This situation is estimated to continue for decades. Vietnam is located in the eastern part of the Central South Peninsula, east of the sea to the south, and in the North borders Guangxi, Yunnan and china. As a result of the Tropic of cancer south, a tropical and subtropical monsoon climate, the annual average temperature is about 24 degrees celsius. Vietnam’s main industrial and commercial city in northern Hanoi, the south is the city of Hu Zhiming, the official language is the language of Vietnam, was the French colony, this mysterious ancient country has been inextricably linked with the Chinese, and now the friendship between the two countries like Vietnam China game game player as stable and friendly love.

in order to understand the situation of Vietnamese Internet cafes, there are also many foreign tourists traveling abroad to visit vietnam. Here are the results of his visit. Let’s share some information about Internet cafes in vietnam.

Internet bar is small, now there are about more than 8000 Internet cafes in Vietnam, most of them are gathered in the economic center of Hu Zhiming City, the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, there are about more than 1000 Internet cafes. At present, in the city of Hu Zhiming, almost no computer more than 50 Internet cafes, most of them are about 20 computer Internet cafes.

slow configuration is low, can play the game is not much, because most of the local Internet cafe in Vietnam Suman (1m), the computer configuration is low (most configuration – Celeron 2.4GHz, 256MB memory, 40GB hard disk, graphics for the GF440), so most game player to play "StarCraft" or "Diablo" and other games, occasionally playing "World of Warcraft", "miracle", "dance group" and other network game player. A lot of them are playing games. Grab things, what’s a little game?.

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